Lease Administration Back Office Services: What Today’s Brokers Need

Lease Administration is an important part of any commercial real estate professional’s daily operations. Depending on your role in CRE, you may have a department that deals with lease administration, you may have to hire an assistant, or do it yourself. Any of these options can be an additional expense or take up valuable time. 

Understanding Blockchain Data Maintenance for CRE

As a fairly new technology -introduced only in the 2000s, you may be interested in getting to know a little more about blockchain. We will explore exactly what blockchain is, why it’s important for CRE, and provide you with a better understanding of blockchain data maintenance. So, let’s start with the basics. 

8 Business Books We’re Reading in 2019 

We’ve heard it before “reading is fundamental,” and that old adage does not cease to be true. Reading can help take your perspective on life –both personal and professional and give you a new perspective. At the very least, a book always comes with the promise of new and different information. So if you were looking for a fresh read, look no further. 

Big Data Means Big Changes for CRE

The term “big data” has been popping up lately in every industry, including commercial real estate –but what exactly does this term mean? Moreover, as new technology transforms and evolves in the CRE industry, how does big data play a role in the development and use of CRE properties and its technology, known as PropTech. 

5 Things to Know About The All-New REmaap Analytics 

Ntrust has added REmaap Analytics to the REmaap family. As a key evolution to REmaap, this tool will be incredibly helpful to REITs, landlords, asset and property managers — allowing them to streamline how data is viewed and present invaluable insights into you  — or your client’s portfolio. 

5 Industrial Real Estate Amenities Today’s Tenants Need

Industrial tenants aren’t all that different than other commercial tenants, except that they require a larger footprint on the outskirts of town. Their needs and desires are pretty similar to those of any commercial tenants. They desire comfort and convenience. These are five industrial real estate amenities today’s tenants need and want.

Is the Retail Footprint Getting Smaller?

Baby Boomers and Generation X are known for homes in the suburbs and weekly car trips to big-box retailers to fill up the family station wagon or SUV with stuff they didn’t need. Fast forward to the Millennial Generation, and it’s apartments, no car, and little storage space. It was only a matter of time until retailers had to make a change, or millions of dollars would be lost in stagnant inventory.